New Novellas on Amazon and Smashwords!

Two novellas set in the World of Schemes and Sorcery are now available!  Sorcerous Mount and A Way Out can be bought on Amazon and Smashwords!  If you are interested in atypical fantasy, then look no further.

Sorcerous Mount Cover

Dzwache Kojo is a colonist in a tropical land that swears fealty to a larger industrialized country. He is a member of his colony’s militia and joined with the hope of defending his homeland in these changing times. His hope is tested when the occupying forces deny him most rights. Just as Dzwache is about to give up hope, a sorcerer offers him a chance to take matters into his own hands in the form of a vicious mount bred for combat. Said mount is a ferocious wyvern of sorcerous breeding. What results is a pairing of man and beast that could change the status of Dzwache and that of his colony.

Sorcerous Mount can be bought here:

Amazon Link

Smashwords Link

A Way Out Cover copy

Zemir Kwlatas is a mercenary who makes his living performing unscrupulous jobs in the isolated city of Melxargena. The city is a hive of decay and corruption. Zemir utilizes his cutthroat skills to make a living in the wretched city that holds few prospects for men like him. Just when his life appears at a low, a sorcerer hires Zemir to help him leave the isolated city. The job is not one of the easier ones that Zemir has taken and matters are complicated when he discovers that the sorcerer is wanted by an aggressive crime syndicate. Zemir soon finds himself at a crossroads between leaving the low life that he has settled into and the risking his life for an unknown future.

A Way Out can be bought here:

Amazon Link

Smashwords Link


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