Terry Pratchett Dies at 66 Years of Age.

Geekdom lost another prolific icon today. Terry Pratchett died at the age of 66. Terry is best known for writing the Discworld books, a satirical fantasy series that parodies traditional fantasy tropes.

Terry was suffering from an advanced form of Alzheimers for the better part of eight years. His condition serious affected his nervous system and impaired his memory and muscle coordination. It got so bad that he could not type and wrote his final books using a software program that recognizes vocal inputs. He tried to stay positive about his condition and always said that he would not succumb to the disease and that he would take the damn thing down with him. I certainly hope he did.

Terry’s legacy will live on regardless of his death. I enjoy his whimsical Discworld books, though my favorite work of his is Good Omens, a novel he co-wrote with Neil Gaiman.

I am reminded of the motto on his coat of arms: Noli Timere Messorem (Don’t Fear the Reaper). If Death is anything like it is in Discworld, then he has no reason to fear it.

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