3D Models

Here, you can see some of the 3D models that I’ve made for clients.

This is a Mug that I designed as a concept piece for a ceramics company.  The mug was made using a trial version of SolidWorks.  The mug was designed to be easy to create using a mold.



This is a simple design that I used to familiarize myself with a CAD program called Design Spark Mechanical, one of the better free CAD programs available online.


You can download a 3D model as a PDF here: robot-head


Here’s a design for a prop sword.  Sort of a cross between a European broadsword and a Chinese jian.  This was made to be 3D printed.


A 3D PDF file for the model is available here: sword-and-hilt


This is an atypical revolver pistol that I made to stretch my boundaries.


Here’s a link to a 3D PDF for the model: revolver.