Damsels of Distress

Follow the stories of a six-woman mercenary gang who will take any job so long as the pay is good.

The world in which the story takes place is a strange one. Humans share the stage along with a number of sentient species such as wendigos, centaurs, tengus, and many others. The mercenary business is a seller’s market. Inter-species tension, vengeful mob bosses, and the availability of firearms provides plenty of reasons for a fight. The Damsels of Distress rarely need to look far for work.

If you enjoy action, adventure, and a hefty dose of morbidly sardonic comedy, then look below.

Damsels Group Shot

The Damsels Themselves:

Jen Vega:

Jen is a human thaumaturger.  She is imbued with electric and magnetic abilities.  She has enough volts stored in her body to paralyze a bull elephant and is not afraid to use her powers on any enemy, or any ally who happens to bet getting on her nerves.  Thoroughly callous and amoral, Jen has little concern for who is pisses off an less concern for who she kills.

Jen keeps a concealed six-shooter on her person but her favorite weapons is her electrobolter.  The weapon absorbs the electric energy from Jen to power it and uses it to propel a steam of ionized metallic particles at a target.  The power varies depending on how much energy Jen channels into the gun.  She can set it from ‘stun’ to ‘explode-y red bits’.


The muscle of the team.  Anya is a wendigo and is possessed of more strength and speed than any of other other Damsels.  Anya has the best time of her life as a member of the Damsels of Distress.  She gets to go on adventures, shoot off her guns, and even pretend that she is a cowgirl.

Anya prefers to wield a pair of auto-revolvers to get the job done.  Most people would be unable to effectively aim a pair of revolvers at the same time but Anya is a wendigo and her coordination makes her eerily accurate.  She also carries a tomahawk on her person and is generally fond of anything that makes a big boom.

Clementine Sparkstrider:

A centaur with an aptitude for mechanics and engineering.  Clementine is a veteran of a war fought against a rival centaur empire.  Her time as a soldier introduced her to human-made machines and weapons and convinced her to become an engineer.  She found the army life too strict and decided to apply her engineering aptitude towards looser and more questionable means.  Clementine is responsible for maintaining the gang’s automobile, the Brigand Buggy, and she treats the car like her baby.

Clementine prefers to fight with her trusty shotgun.  She is also in possession of a heavy-duty machine gun called the Dragon’s Breath that she was issued during the war and ‘forgot’ to return she she was discharged.

Tsubaki Kuroyama:

The gang’s sharpshooter.  Tsubaki is a tengu from a faraway land.  Her species has raven-like wings and she can fly like a bird.  Tsubaki has nothing but disdain for everyone around her, especially the other Damsels of Distress.  She tolerates them as much as she can and grudgingly admits that she is more effective with them than she is without.  Stoic and humorless.

Tsubaki prefers to get business done with a bolt-action sniper rifle.  Dropping grenades from on high is also a favored tactic of hers.  Her most valuable weapon is her wakizashi, a short sword that is a family heirloom.

Minerva Xanthopolous:

Minerva feels out of place among a mercenary gang.  Born and raised in the stable city of High Empyrea, she is not used to a more lawless lifestyle.  Minerva is an arachnekin and appears like a human with the exception of the four spider-like limbs that protrude from her lumbar region and the fat tail that has functional spinnerets.

Minerva prefers not to fight if she can avoid it.  She often acts as the face for the gang when they do not want to appear overtly antagonistic.  She does not carry a gun on her, which is just as well because the other Damsels of Distress do not trust her aim.  She does carry a few concealed needles coated with venom from her own fangs than can tranquilize most other species.


Tawny is a naga.  That means that she is a female humanoid above the waist and a massive slithering serpent below.  Tawny cannot speak and it is doubtful if she fully understands what the people around her say.  The others do not know where Tawny comes from or what her story is and it is doubtful if Tawny herself even knows.  They do know that Tawny can strangle enemies to death in her coils and that makes her worth keeping her around.

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