Logos, Banners, and Posters

Here’s some logos and banners and posters that have been created using photoshop.

BioTech Logo:

Here are some variants of a logo for BioTech, a fictional genetics company from a short story of mine.  The symbol is the Rod of Asclepius, an old symbol for medicine.  I made the snake a cobra because I thought it would be more memorable.  I find something striking about serpents as a symbol for medicine.

BioTechBioTech Multiple

Scimo Service:

A prototype logo for an Italian audio/visual company.

Scimo Service


An idea for the logo of a fictional shipping company.  The wave represents the oceans associated with the name.  The name itself means transcending oceans.



Gnostech Logo:

This is the logo for a company in a sci-fi story of mine.  The name Gnostech is a portmanteau of Gnostic Technologies.  The Snake and Chalice is an old symbol for medicine, like the Rod of Asclepius above.  The idea came from Gnostech using biologic material and weapons from enemy aliens to create their own weapons for use against the aliens.  Much like how snake venom is used to to create anti-venom.  The logo is available in Vanilla and Chrome flavors!

Gnostech Logo Vanilla


Gnostech Logo Chrome



Jurassic Brew:

Inspired by the (then) upcoming Jurassic World film.  If a dinosaur-themed park sold it’s own liquor, what would the label look like?

Jurrasic Brew


Recruitment Posters:

For some reason, military recruitment posters serve as an inspiration for satire.  I like to imagine what fiction militaries from science-fiction and fantasy and imagining what their recruitment posters would look like.

I could not imagine making recruitment posters without considering the Klingons.

Join the Klingon Defense Force

I’ve been a fan of Gundam for a long time and the aesthetics of the Zeon military were always more interesting than the drab Earth Federation.

Join Zeon

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