World of Schemes and Sorcery

The World of Schemes and Sorcery is set on a planet not unlike our own. The world contains many different civilizations with many cultures. Steamships sail across the seas and oceans. Locomotives steam along railways that crisscross the land. A variety of fauna are trained as mounts, including wyverns that fly across the sky.

The more powerful counties in the world scheme against each other for dominance. Recent events have shaped this power struggle into a race to colonize other lands for their resources to fuel their industry. It was once considered that a nation’s might was the size of its land, its population, and the size of its military. A strong industrial base adds an entirely new variable into this equation.

Sorcery plays a small but vital role in the world. Out of the millions of people that inhabit the world, very few become sorcerers. Sorcery allows for amazing and terrifying feats such as manipulating the minds of beasts and people, transmuting rare and valuable materials, and summoning demonic beings from an otherworldly realm. Sorcery has proven to be crucial in global politics, with every nation pouring their resources into training as many sorcerers as possible. Sorcerers have been found to have a hand is founding dynasties and collapsing empires.


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